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Technology Leadership

StellarOps is a boutique technology consulting firm providing leadership to B2B Clients and Managed Service Providers in the $30 million to 2 billion range. We create solutions, free capital, create process, drive efficiency, encourage accountability and provide innovative leadership to the C-Suite.


We represent over 300 years experience in entrepreneurship and tech industry leadership.


Direct answers. Unbiased. Zero time wasted. That is refreshing, and foundational to relationships.


There’s a precision to be successful. We think differently. The math of movement is core to all we do.

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We’re driven by what’s possible.

We create impact.

We measure outcomes.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

Ralph Nader

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

– Peter Drucker

“Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them.”

– Seth Godin

Let’s work together on your next evolution

We make the hard decisions with you.