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Unparalleled Guidance

StellarOps has over two hundred years of experience as a trusted advisor to our Clients and Partners. We are built different and that difference is what makes StellarOps the best in today’s complex environment. StellarOps mission is not to recommend technology first, it is to listen to our Clients, hear what they need, and help them craft an approach that accomplishes their vision. Our primary objective is to be accessible to our Clients, to partner with them and become an essential part of their success story

Consultative Approach

As a practice, our team examines the Client’s entire technology investment before making recommendations. In discovery, we often find a legacy of purchased software suites and services with unrealized benefits. One good example, seen time and time again, is the Microsoft 365 stack of services left in a functional, but partially implemented state. That leaves critical identity and security components disabled, and your company open to exploit.  StellarOps makes it a priority to help our Clients fully realize and protect those investments.

Financial Impact

Is it easy to secure the budget to accomplish your goals? It can be! In our experience it’s an easy yes when there is significant impact to the heartbeat of the business. The decisions become difficult when the impact and justification is poorly vetted and communicated. Our role is to help you understand the impact, value, and total cost (with nothing hidden) to make the upstream decision-making process refreshingly effortless. We help our Clients make hard decisions everyday with team members that truly understand how your business and IT should run. 

We specialize in Technology and Business Consulting:

  • Merger and Acquisition Technology Validation
  • IT Budget Rightsizing and Correction
  • Technology Framework Adherence
  • Microsoft 365 Full Stack
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Full Stack
  • Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions
  • Security Hardening
  • Security Incident Response
  • Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Management
  • Data Protection Architecture
  • Data Center Networking
  • Wireless Design
  • Pro-active, Reactive, Fixed Cost and Revolving Consulting Services
  • Tech Insurance Audits